Generate more leads from your site

Engage your visitors them with enticing coupon offers and smart contact forms that will help you turn them into customers!

Generate over 100% more leads from your site

Everybody loves a deal

Offer your website visitors a personalized coupon when they are on your site automatically. They redeem their coupon with their email or phone. And voila, you have a new lead.

Contacting you should be easy

Our smart form allows them to contact you through email, SMS, and phone. It also provides directions and hours of operation. From all pages on your website. Generate even more leads!

Follow up fast, gain customers

Get your leads immediately on your phone. Follow up in a few clicks. Respond fast, and they are 30% more likely to convert. Establish a relationship and they will stop looking for another merchant.

Ready to grow your business?


How does it work?

Ready to grow your business?


Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work on my website?
The lead generator will work with any website! As long as our code is installed on the site, you will be able to use it without a problem. Kliken works on all main website platforms like Yola, Wix, Weebly, WordPress, and Joomla.

How do the coupons work?
Connect coupons are available to all your website visitor when they arrive, after a period of time, or when they click on the tab within your website. They are fully customizable and will require the visitor to input their contact information to get the coupon.

How will it help me generate leads?
This lead generator will help you generate leads by allowing your site visitors to request a coupon, ask a question or get more information about your business. Their information and what they requested is then automatically sent to your smartphone. Congratulations, you just got yourself a new lead!

How will it help me sell more?
When a visitor asks a questions or requests more information, you’ll be able to answer them back right away thereby effectively ending their search for other providers. That level of customer service is what turns visitors into new customers!

Ready to generate more leads?


No Credit Card Necessary