Advertise on Facebook and hundreds of other websites

Market like a Fortune 500 by showing your banner ads in major websites, such as Facebook, CNN and New York Times!

Advertise on Facebook, CNN, New York Times, ESPN and hundreds of other major websites

Reconnect with your visitors

Kliken shows your ads to your clients on top quality websites, such as Facebook, CNN, New York Times, and many more! They visit your website and voila, they see your ads as they surf the web.

Get in front of new people

Kliken analyzes your current customers and website visitors and puts your banner ads in front of similar potential visitors who are interested in your offerings.

Show your ads everywhere

Kliken automatically builds appealing banner ads that are served on all major websites like NY Times, CNN, ESPN, and USA Today!

Ready to grow your business?


How does it work?

Ready to grow your business?


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens next, after I purchase?
After customers come to your website they see your ads on Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo, CNN and hundreds of other websites. They click on your ad and they come back to your site. It is that simple!

How does the budget work?
This is the monthly marketing budget that goes directly to paying for your advertising. This budget is divided up evenly over 30 days, giving you a max daily budget. This daily budget is depleted throughout the day as potential customers click on your ads. Once your daily budget has been used up, your ads stop showing and will resume again with a fresh daily budget the next day. This ensures your monthly budget is used up evenly and not all at once.

Is it easy to cancel?
You can cancel your active campaigns at any time by clicking on the red X in the campaign management toolbar. You will be asked to fill out a short 3-question survey that will help us do better for our customers in the future. Then click the “Cancel Campaign” button at the bottom of the survey and you’re done.

Is there a contract?
Kliken’s marketing spend billing is a month-to-month service that can be cancelled at any time.

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